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5 Important Things to Know Before Buying a SUP

By Amy / April 6, 2017

The Stand-Up Paddle board is one of the most exciting new sports be practiced by young and old. The best way to get the most from this activity is with the best SUP board for you.

The right SUP paddle board will be determined by your lifestyle, how and where you plan on using your board and the budget you have for this investment. If you have been fascinated by the sport but not sure where to begin, this simple article can provide you with the clues you need to make and enlightened decision for you.

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Following you will find an overview of the 5 most important considerations when buying your first SUP board.

1. Different Types of Board

The first thing to know is the different types of SUP board. Different shapes and designs perform better in different conditions and for different purposes. Some are good all around. Following is a list of the 4 most important SUP styles you will find on the Market.

-The “All-Around” SUP

This is a great family, kid and even dog-friendly SUP board and performs well on the beach, lake and pool. A great selection for beginners.

– The “Surf’s” SUP

For intermediate to advanced paddler looking for something to challenge their strength, skill and balance, this maneuverable beauty is perfect. It’s just like an extra-long surfboard.

-The Touring SUP

This longer board is designed to go longer distances in smooth flat water. This is a good option for intense workouts and still has good balance for beginners.

-The Race SUP

The design is built for serious competitions in flat water and open ocean. This option could be tough for the rookie, but is perfect for experienced to elite SUP boarders.

2. Paddle Boards Sizes

You will want to consider your body weight and skill level when deciding on the best size SUP board for you. The look at your board in term of volume. The more volume your paddle board has the more stable it will be on the water. Beginners should begin with more volume and stability. As skill levels improve it will be possible to replace volume and stability for better performance and top-speed.

3. Epoxy SUP or Inflatable SUP

When you have the type and size of board figured out, ask yourself if the inflatable of epoxy SUP is the best choice. Your choice here will come down to the budget you have for a SUP and the storage options at your disposal.

-Inflatable SUP

The inflatable SUP is no problem to move about and can fold down to the size of a sleeping bag. This makes it ideal for vacations and camping trips to the lake. Expert paddlers may notice some reduced performance in the inflatable SUP, but for beginners the inflatable is a great option.

-Epoxy SUP

An epoxy SUP can be big. Up to 12 ft. if you get the full-sized touring SUP. This makes them primarily difficult to transport and store. But this inconvenience is counterbalanced by superior performance in the water and improved longevity as well.

4. SUP Board Storage

Either the inflatable and epoxy SUP will need to be stored properly to avoid damage. This will mean protecting them from the elements, meaning you will need to find an indoor location to store your SUP board.

Being much larger, your epoxy SUP board should be stowed in a board bag to keep it safe dings, dents and all damage. Both the epoxy and inflatable SUP should be protected from the sunlight as this will cause premature aging of the materials.

Finally, make sure you use the SUP board so much it spends little time in storage.

5. SUP Board Manufacturers

There are plenty of companies making their version of the SUP board and plenty of price differences. You can’t always assume the costliest is going to be the best quality, so how do you select the best SUP board manufacturer?

Look beyond marketing hype for a clear view of what is really being offered for the price and take some notes on various options. After you have looked at some prices that fit your budget, ask yourself who is offering the best guarantee. The level of customer service is another indicator of the company and their level of excellence.

image: Pexels

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