About Me

Thanks for stopping by to check out my website Phins Club! Though I do not have the good fortune of living near the beach, it is a place that enjoy visiting when I get a chance. And while I have had the opportunity to visit many great beaches, I do try to go to see new ones instead of returning to some old favorites. This way, I can always be experiencing new tropical paradise locations and the local culture of the people who are lucky enough to live there.

My love of beaches started when I was a young child and my parents took me to visit different places with beaches on our summer vacations. We went everywhere from Florida to Hawaii. And now that I am an adult, I enjoy spending my vacations (not just in the summer months!) by checking out some sandy beaches and doing a bit of relaxing or enjoying spending time out in the water. It really just depends on what the location has to offer me when I am there.

On this site, you will find information on lots of fun water sports and different beaches that I have visited, as well as those that I have learned about and intend to visit at some point in the near future. Since I am relying on my travel and research for this beach information, and since I have a real job during the week, there may be periods on this site where I have no new information to share. Do not worry though because I love water sports and beaches so much and will definitely find something new to share with you at some point soon!

Hope you enjoy the bits of paradise that I tell you about on these pages!