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Best Australian Beaches Not On The Gold Coast

By Amy / November 4, 2016

Get To Know Life Outside the Gold Coast

bondi beach

Australia is best known for the coastal city, the Gold Coast. Here millions of tourists flock to the beaches in this city. It is popular to tourists due to its subtropical climate making it the perfect condition to enjoy the beach. The Gold Coast is also very popular among surfers, as it hosts a leg of the ASP World Tour for Surfing including the Quiksilver Pro. This coastal city is one of the main driving forces of tourism for Australia but it should be noted that there are a lot of other beaches outside the Gold Coast.

First on the list would of course be Bondi Beach located in Sydney. Better brace yourself for this area is jam packed with tourists. Bondi Beach is known not primarily due to its quality but the environment that surrounds it. This area is filled with restaurants, cafes, and other establishments for tourists. It is a great area to pass time people watching. It’s also quite safe here since there are a lot of lifeguards present in the area. This is where the first Surf Life Saving Club was established so it really has a good track record with regards to safety.

Next on the list is Mandalay Beach in Western Australia. This is a more isolated beach that has a more untouched and rugged vibe to it. If you’re into nature adventures then a hike in this area will surely satisfy you. Don’t forget to check out the Norweigan shipwreck in the beach, its skeleton is visible during the lowest tides. This wreck in 1911 is where the name of this beach was taken from. Nearby is the Chatam Island nature reserve, which should also be on your list. Picturesque sights of the dense greenery and waves are waiting for you in this island.

For a unique sight there is the Wineglass Bay in Tasmania. You may have seen the bay in countless posters and advertisements. This place really embodies how majestic nature can be. The clam shaped shoreline that deeply contrasts with the pinkish granite peaks complemented by the teal and turquoise waters make it a sight to behold. Go around and explore this area by snorkeling, kayaking, or walking around the rock pools. After seeing this beauty up close you will leave Wineglass Bay in awe.

wineglass bay

There are a lot of other beaches in Australia that you can visit as well. These three here serve as proof that Australia is more than the famous coastal city and that there is also beauty outside the Gold Coast.

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