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Best Australian Beaches for Surfers

By Amy / October 27, 2016

Surf’s Up, Mate!

Australia has long been known to have the best surf beaches in the world; mostly owing it to the fact that open ocean waters, such as the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, and the Southern Ocean, are surrounding it. Besides the picturesque view from different sides of the land area itself, professional surfers do think highly of the waves’ quality these coastlines offer. The country’s water area has been said to give off the biggest swells, making it a destination for most surfing contests. But more than just a water sport, surfing in Australia is almost a way of life because of how people appreciate what their country has to offer; professional or not, surfing can easily be a good way to experience Australia. Thus, if you want to experience it the right way, then you are at the right place.

Surfing can be done at almost any part of Australia so it will not be hard to look for a place that best suits your preference and most especially, your skill level. So, whether you are ready to take on some of those monster swells or just do a little bit of riding the waves in your stand-up paddleboard, then you can find a beach to meet your surfing skills in Australia. The idea of surfing would not be possible without anyone relating the sport to the famous ‘Bells Beach’ located along the south coast. This particular beach is considered to embody the sport of surfing, attributing to its ‘long, fat and fast’ waves perfect during midyear.

If you happen to be around the east coast, it would be good to visit the ‘Kirra Point’ and ‘Burleigh Heads Beach’. The former is deemed to produce unforgivable swells, perfect for experienced surfers but worrisome for newbies while the latter is regarded provide excellent waves for those who knows more about the sport.

On the other hand, if you are after more extreme waves then you can head to the west coast of the country, specifically towards the direction of Perth. In this area, you can easily find the ‘Scarborough Beach’ that boasts one of the most pleasant coastlines to look at. This allows any surfer not only to enjoy the ride but to also appreciate the beauty of its surrounding.

Other surfing beaches, in no specific order, would include: Jan Juc, Anglesea, Apollo Bay, Mornington Peninsula, Bondi Beach, Manly Beach, Snapper Rocks Superbank, Moreton Islands, Coolum Beach, Jervis Bay, Cottesloe, Fleurieu Peninsula, Yallingup Reef, Strickland Bay, Pennington Bay, D’Estrees Bay, Cape Douglas, and so on.

Remember that Australia has been blessed with a coastline measuring almost up to thirty thousand (30,000) kilometers. This, in itself, is calling for surfers alike to gather your boards and wetsuits to experience the swells provided by the land down under.

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