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Mykonos: The Greek Island for Couples

By Amy / October 30, 2016


Are you in need of a romantic getaway? Are you looking to make your honeymoon unforgettable? Perhaps you’re in search for the perfect place to rekindle the flames? Well there probably is no place more romantic than Greece.

A country with history that dates thousands of years back offers the idyllic setting for couples. Greece is home to the famous mythologies wherein love is a central theme. Love was a significant part of Greek mythology, they knew that they must pay tribute to it but to place it on a pedestal was not a necessity. The Greeks did not find it necessary to romanticize the idea of love; this is why some accounts in the myths were tragic. This notion may send off the vibe that Greece is not a place for lovebirds but despite its historical portrayal of love, this country is no doubt the perfect backdrop for your romantic escapades.

Greece is home to a number of beautiful beaches for you to choose from. For the couples in love out there, the island of Mykonos might be your best bet. Golden sand and crystal clear waters make up the beaches on this island. If you are adventurous and a little daring you might want to visit the Paradise Beach which is known for being nudist friendly. This area is brimming with energy and nightlife perfect for young couples. For those of you looking for a more relaxed alternative, Lia Beach provides the perfect escape. Here there are no stores and no crowds, leaving you to the comfort and company of each other.


The towns in Mykonos are filled with quaint cafes and locally owned boutiques that add to the appeal. The bustle of commercial life due to these establishments in no way compromises the beauty of the Cycladic architecture found in Greece. Its as if every corner of the island whispers romance to its visitors. Take a romantic walk around the city, get lost in all the beautiful sights it offers. If you find yourselves here, it is a must that you visit Little Venice. Enjoy the scenic view on balconies perched over the sea. Enjoy a glass of wine or some champagne with your special someone in one of the lovely bars found here.

Greece serves as an avenue for couples to strengthen the passion and romance in their relationship. It is a great place to have shared experiences and memories that you will definitely treasure.

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