Water Sports To Enjoy During Vacation

vacation water sports

Water sports are very popular during summer. This is the best way to keep cool, exercise and stay tanned. However, water sports can be very dangerous and you have to follow certain safety guidelines. More physically demanding type of water sports will need clearance from a health care professional.

The type of water sport you choose usually depends on the kind of things you would like to do. Another thing you need to consider is how brave and adventurous you are around water. Below are some of the best water sports you should try while you are on vacation.

Butterfly, backstroke, and diving are some of the best swimming methods that can get your body into shape. If you enjoy swimming and you just want to take it to another level, it can be a good idea to introduce water volleyball. This will make swimming more challenging giving you a tremendous workout.

Jet skiing
A jet ski usually gives you the opportunity to cruise at high speeds. To make it more enjoyable, try some tricks when jet skiing. The good thing about jet skiing is the fact that it is available in most places and renting them is never a problem.

However, you have to ensure that you know how a jet ski works before using one. This will help prevent accidents. Why don’t you try jet skiing next time you are on vacation instead of just swimming or pulling a boat around?

Water skiing
This sport involves gliding behind a boat across the water surface. When waterskiing, it is very important to have someone driving the boat and another person who is supposed to watch you skiing.

Water skiing is a very enjoyable activity which can give you a rush of adrenaline when gliding behind a speeding boat.

With this water sporting activity, you will spend more time in the air than in the water. You are attached to something like a parachute known as a parasail and a boat tows you behind it carrying you into the air.

Like all the sporting activities, you have to ensure that you understand the safety precautions before trying the sport.

Scuba diving
Scuba diving is the best way to enjoy yourself beneath the waves. This sport is unique in its own way as you will get up close with wonderful sea creatures in their own environment making it truly an amazing sport.

Philippines: Surfers’ Haven

Recently, interest in surfing has escalated in the Philippines. More and more people are getting into this water sport as a form of exercise, a hobby, and a profession. The popularity of surfing is evident in the number of events and competitions that are being held in the country. The Philippines offers a number of beaches with waves perfect for surfers of any level.

philippines surfingFor newbies interested in trying it out, the Philippine Surfing Academy offers lessons in the city! That’s right, no long travels to get you started. PSA conducts these classes in Club Manila East’s wave pool. The manmade waves are the ideal size for beginners to start and intermediate level surfers to improve their skills. This controlled environment allows for surfers to be on a fast track path to becoming legitimate surfers. The absence of dangerous currents, unpredictable weather, and harmful marine life (no more worrying about jellyfishes) allows one to concentrate on getting on that board and riding those waves. Of course, the end goal of these lessons is to prep up the students for the real thing.

Once ready to face the ocean, one can get started on travelling to all the great surf spots in the country. Pack up and take a road trip to the nearest spot from the city, Real, Quezon. This is the perfect spot for the outdoors-y type of surfers. Together with the chance to surf, one can also enjoy a good camp out while eating freshly caught seafood. Be sure to book your trip from October to February to enjoy these waves of the right size. Real, Quezon is ideal for those just starting out.

The seasoned surfers looking for more challenge are better off going to Baler, Aurora. The Pacific Ocean borders this coastal town that serves as the perfect spot for veterans. Baler is the more popular place for tourists. Cemento Reef, Charlie’s Point and Lindy’s point offer radical waves for the adventure seekers. Test your skills and see if you can avoid getting wiped out by the waves. Locals would recommend surfing here from September to February. One might also want to go to Siargao in Surigao Del Note, known as the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines”. It is home to “Cloud 9”, one of the best surfing waves out there. This reef wave with a thick hollow tube is a great chance to test one’s surfing skills.

Bagasbas, Camarines Norte is recently gaining popularity as surf spot. Part of the allure of this place is the number of summer surfing festivals that took place here. This makes it perfect for the people who enjoy music and the arts. The waves in Bagasbas are consistent year round, so there is no need to worry about flat seas. This is a good place for spontaneous surf trips with friends and family.

San Juan in La Union, Baras in Catanduanes, and Zambales are other options that are available. One might find himself or herself nearer to these parts of the Philippines making it more accessible. These surf spots also offer great waves for surfers to hang loose!

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