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Will CrossFit Help You Become A Better Swimmer?

By Amy / December 16, 2016
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CrossFit is a relatively new sport or exercising regiment compared to more traditional methods. Unlike training specifically for cardiovascular or weightlifting CrossFit actually takes care of both at the same time! This helps athletes in a variety of ways in the water especially since since every sport is more mental than physical.

Physical Improvements

Swimming burns a lot of calories as each stroke is pushing against the resistance of the water. This comes in handy as one of the most focused upon aspects of CrossFit is the physicality involved. With repetitive and progressive exercises in every routine CrossFit can improve any athlete’s physique in a short period of time. Muscle is built while doing CrossFit and every swimmer knows then importance of muscle usage while in the water. Endurance is also improved while training for CrossFit. This is because the muscles are constantly being used at different intervals of resistance. As with any training, you will want to be sure to have all the proper equipment and gear before you start training, such as the best CrossFit shoes for women and a good spotter when you do your weight lifting.


The multiple challenges of CrossFit targets multiple parts of the body. This requires a diet to continue advance in levels of intensity. Swimming also requires the same type of eating habits to remain strong enough yet light enough to speed through the water. The type of exercises are ideal for swimming as cramping is the most feared delay for any swimmers success. Before beginning CrossFit every participant must get used to eating correctly before workouts as well as after. Eating a healthy way is ideal for optimal results in success for both CrossFit athletes and swimmers alike.

Fear Nothing but Fear Itself

It may seem like the benefits of CrossFit are endless but still many athletes and coaches aren’t all for the CrossFit wave. These person’s number one answer to the question of rather to partake in CrossFit is short simple. The injuries produced from the sport is why they believe CrossFit shouldn’t be practiced. The athletes improving from CrossFit believe this is fear however. They bring up the sheer fact that injuries occur across the board for just about every sport. Football causes concussions, basketball sprains and tears and baseball rotated cuffs. No sport is safe for athletes and that has been proven way before CrossFit was born. For a swimmer to miss the benefits of swimming faster through CrossFit because of fear of injury is the difference between the best and the rest.

Mental Improvements

Mental stability and endurance are key for every sport but CrossFit could arguably be more important than most. This is because during CrossFit there is hardly downtime to gather yourself and observe a situation. Having a strong mind is needed to be a better swimmer.

One of the most important aspects of swimming is the breathing involved. The intake of oxygen is the difference between being number one and possibly drowning in the pool. With. this much responsibility on the lungs to produce at optimal performance crossfire is the perfect exercise to keep them in tip top shape. Athletes across the board such as Michael Phelps has stated that breathing correctly while competing definitely is valuable to success.

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